A Teeny Tiny History
by Amanda Laughtland

In 2001, after discovering the 8-page single-sheet zine format via a booth at Northwest Bookfest featuring work by Roberta Lavadour, I started publishing Teeny Tiny: a super-small (maga)zine featuring a handful of different contributors in each issue. With time, I decided to adapt the format of the zine to create single-author mini-chapbooks in limited editions. By the way, if you want to make your own chapbook, there are lots of ideas (like this one) online!

Like the zine, each mini-chapbook typically has 8 pages and is made from a single sheet of paper, but I create variations, too, sometimes making cardstock covers, sometimes making covers out of recycled materials like grocery bags, sometimes adding hand-coloring to the book pages, sometimes doing an original print on each cover, etc. Historically,
I've distributed tiny books and zines for free, encouraging trades and donations. I know I'll always have SOMETHING to give away for free, such as postcards with poems on them, even as I'm moving into a model with publishing where I do need to charge some tiny prices to fund my tiny publishing house.

So far I've published 10 mini-chapbooks. The first, I Wasn't There When It Happened by Christopher Wells, appeared in a limited edition of 50 copies and then in a second edition. Since then, I've published booklets by Gilad Elbom, Margaret Garcia, Jesse Glass, Sandra Simonds, Eileen Tabios, and Lars Palm; I've also published 3 mini-books of my own.

In October of 2010, I published my first professionally printed book through Teeny Tiny Press, Collected Kona by Marcia Woodard. This book was designed by Amanda Stanley, a graduate of the Visual Communications program at Edmonds Community College and was printed and bound locally at Litho Craft in Lynnwood, Washington.

Collected Kona is a series of nonfiction essays about Marcia's dog Kona and features many full-color photographs as well. Marcia is a smart, funny writer who has a column on Basenjis for the American Kennel Club's AKC Gazette magazine. Collected Kona may be purchased via Amazon.com, or contact Marcia directly to order a signed copy for $10 plus shipping. To keep up to date with readings and other info, check out Collected Kona on Facebook.

If you have 40 minutes to spare, I invite you to check out this video of a reading I did with Marcia at Edmonds Community College in October of 2010.

Please note that I generally am unable to accept unsolicited submissions, especially for books. I encourage you to consider self-publishing! Feel free to email me short poems and prose pieces for upcoming issues of Teeny Tiny, bearing in mind it could take many months before I print a new issue.

I hope to continue publishing in both handmade and professionally printed formats as I continue with Teeny Tiny Press. For another perspective on my press, check out this article from The Weekly Herald. Many thanks for your interest and support!